Author: Okemura
Illustrator: KASEN
Translator: Aoitenshi

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About the Hero Union

The Hero Union is an organization which supports [Heroes] from various worlds beyond the boundaries of space and time in their endeavors. It was created and managed by Heroes who have accomplished their missions and retired from their roles. With “Let’s help our juniors!” as their catchphrase, the Union lends its hand to new heroes in active duties.

For the sake of connecting fellow heroes—active and retired alike, the heroes put their efforts in creating a [Bulletin Board System], holding offline gatherings, and so on. Among the bulletin boards, two popular ones include [Retired Heroes’ Board]. It is also known as Folly’s, short for [Youthful Folly’s Board]. The other is [Active Heroes’ Board], though users are more familiar with the name NOW, [Newcomers on the Web].

Furthermore, to accommodate heroes with different levels of technology, arts, and civilizations, the Union uses its arts to add several mechanisms to the BBS. It includes a mechanism which allows the heroes to access the BBS directly with their minds, as well as an auto-translate function so that the heroes can interact with each other freely.

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4 thoughts on “About the Hero Union

    1. Yay! I’m happy to see the original glory of Hero BBS. I hope we can finally find out the story beyond volume 1 now.


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