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“You’re late.”

Wading through the overgrown grass, I find her standing in the garden—a cute girl two years younger than me.

However, her cute face is warped in displeasure, which makes me step back without thinking.

“But… it’s only for five minutes. Isn’t it fine?”
“No, it isn’t. Do you think that you can use that excuse once you’re working in a company?”
“……Then I just need to be careful after I grow up. I am still a child, so can’t you overlook it somehow?”
“If you don’t start now, you will regret it when you grow up, you know that?”
“Okay, okay.”
“Answering once is enough.”

It is useless for me to say anything else, so I listen to her obediently. She gives me a strict caution like a mother. Even though she is younger, she is already much more mature than me. But since I am taller, I look older than her from our appearances.

I remove a leaf that is stuck on my clothes and I look up to the large mansion in front of me. I don’t really get it, but it seems that her family has a long tradition. In other words, she is rich.

“Are you done studying?”
“I’m on a break.”
“Ah, so not yet… Is it okay for you to play?”
“I’ll finish later, so it won’t be a problem.”
“Okay, then.”

As a lady, she has to attend her lessons and studies, so she has almost no time to play. That’s why I didn’t use the front door. I always come from the secret path through the overgrown grass to play with her.

“Am I bothering your studies?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Studying all the time suffocates me, so this makes for a good refreshment.”
“I see.”

I am happy to know that I can help her, even just a bit. It’s fun for me to play with her, too, so it is two birds with one stone. Yup.

“What are we going to play?”
“Let’s see~ the weather looks good today, so let’s take a nap. It’ll help you relax after your study.”
“That’s what you always say.”
“Ehehe, yup. But it is nice and warm, it will feel good, you know?”

A warm sunlight and the pleasant wind are inviting me to sleep. I am getting sleepier as I talk.

“…You already look sleepy. You have the nerve to be taking a nap as soon as you reach here.”
“Ahaha… ha… I’m sor… ry.”

I may be sorry about it, but the sleepiness is attacking without mercy. My eyes are already closed as is.

“Well, doesn’t matter. Wake up when I call you, okay?”

I was going to ask her to take a nap together, but I am so sleepy that I cannot talk much. I often sleep next to her, but she is always awake, just waiting silently for me to wake up. That’s why I thought to invite her to sleep together today.

“Good night…”

Listening to her soft voice, my consciousness sinks deeper and deeper.

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