Author: Okemura
Illustrator: KASEN
Translator: Aoitenshi

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Hero Union BBS Chapter 1 (Illustration))

Things Have Gotten out of Hand

  1. Retired Hero: Magician (Sky Garden)
    Things have gotten a bit out of hand here.

    It might be off-topic to consult this in the Folly’s,
    but I have nowhere else to turn to.

    Is anybody around?

  2. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  3. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    I’m here~
    I have a test tomorrow~☆
  4. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Get out of here and get studying.
    Reporting in.
  5. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    What happened?
    Please explain the situation.
  6. Retired Hero: Magician (Sky Garden)
    Hero (Retired)
    Hero (Job)
    Hero (Summoned)
    Chaos ensues.
  7. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    What do you mean?
  8. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Make it easier to understand.
  9. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    To reiterate:

    – Although Magician has retired, he was the hero in Sky Garden.
    – A person destined to be the hero of Sky Garden has appeared.
    – A hero was summoned into Sky Garden from a different world.
    – There are now three heroes residing in the world of Sky Garden.

    Would that be correct?

  10. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    That’s it!
  11. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    That’s it!
  12. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    That’s it!

    I’m always in awe of how keen Prince is~☆

  13. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    You should attend to your studies.
    Magician, did I state anything wrong?
  14. Retired Hero: Magician (Sky Garden)
    That’s it!
  15. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
  16. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  17. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
  18. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    It’s strange that more than one heroes exist in a single world at the same time. Magician, how are you doing in the present?
  19. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    There’s a test tomorrow!
  20. Retired Hero: Magician (Sky Garden)
    *hands over test notes*
  21. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  22. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Magician Hero…
  23. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I’m taking my leave.
  24. Retired Hero: Magician (Sky Garden)
    Sorry… I’m really at my wits’ end here.

    I’ve been secluding myself in the sticks, leading a quiet life.
    I definitely don’t want to marry the princess and become the king or something like that.
    So, I’m immersing myself in magic researches.
    Recently, people start calling me [Sage of the Forest].

  25. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    sage of the forest lol
  26. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    sage of the forest lol
  27. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    When we have a combination of
    a hero who hates being crowned
    and a nation that forces it,
    it never turns out well.
  28. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    Actually, why did they do the summoning?
    Do they really need more heroes?
    Is the demon lord or something that powerful?

    Also, sage of the forest lol

  29. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)

    It seems that the nation wasn’t aware that a hero had already been born when they summoned another one.

  30. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Still, what about you?
    They didn’t tell you anything before they went and summoned another hero?

    and lol at the name

  31. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    Gentlemen, it’s now 6 hours until the test~☆
  32. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Get studying!
    Or go to sleep!
  33. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    From what I remember,
    according to the solar calendar in Magician’s world,
    he served as a hero about 200 years ago.
  34. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    I don’t think there’s anyone alive who knows that I was the hero.
  35. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    It’s that, isn’t it?
    the typical
  36. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    Tick for having cheat-like skills.
    Tick for gaining physical enhancements.
    Tick for being immortal.
  37. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I’m taking my leave.
  38. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Wha- hey!
    You know that’s a taboo subject for Prince Hero!
  39. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    He was removed from the order of succession, after all~
    Thanks to him carelessly turning into an immortal~
    Even though he was the first in line~
  40. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Wh- you- Shut it, seriously.
    I’ll shove your test papers into your mouth.
  41. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    I obtained the questions for tomorrow’s test~!
  42. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    This student… he’s way beyond help.
    Check. And. Mate.

    Anyway, did Prince leave for real?
    Hello? Prince?

  43. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    Aah, my apologies.
    I was mulling if I should tend my beloved sword after so long.
  44. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    is the destined hero aware that he’s actually a hero?
    If he doesn’t know… there’s no problem at all, isn’t it?
    Just call the summoned hero the hero and make it fnl
  45. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    What does fnl mean?

    But he has a point. How about it?

  46. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    he’s more than aware of it.
    In fact,
    he was born with the blessing of a heroic spirit or whatnot.

    The only reason the nation didn’t know was because he was born way far in the backwoods.

    To surmise about the current situation:
    – The demon lord has appeared!
    – The nation has summoned a hero!
    – But there’s a man from the countryside who claims to be the hero!
    – A fake? No! He has the divine protection of a heroic spirit!
    – eh? then, heroes, two of them?
    – the nation, chaos

    And that’s about it.

  47. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    You know…
    To be honest, do you have to care?

    I mean, aren’t you retired?
    You’re living in seclusion, right?

    So, why still care?

  48. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I can’t feel the patriotism nor the pride of a hero who once slew a demon lord from those words.

    How regrettable.

  49. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
  50. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    Prince, sorry for saying this, but…
    I know there are heroes who think like you.
    But us? We’re completely disposable.
    They want us to marry the princess only to prevent
    the all-powerful hero from rebelling against them.
    They never held us in respect, at all.

    I know because when I saw the princess’ eyes, she was looking at me as though I was a monster.

  51. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    Is that so… My sincere apologies.

    In which case, Employee would be in the right.
    Need you involve yourself in this matter?

  52. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    The thing is…
    I’m the [Sage of the Forest] now, you see?

    the nation
    came to me
    and asked
    what to do

    What to do?

  53. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    What to do indeed.
  54. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    A meeting between three heroes?
    I’m getting excited just from imagining it.
  55. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    What is the Union’s stance on this?
    To begin with, didn’t they intervene when the nation was summoning a hero?
  56. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
  57. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    That’s it!
  58. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    That’s it!
  59. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    That’s it!

    …that he totally slipped the net.
    The Union failed to intercept him in time.

    but when I complained
    they just told me to fend for myself
    saying there was nothing they could do

    someone, help, do something

  60. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    The Union failed to detect the hero summoning?
    Sky Garden’s magic never ceases to amaze me.

    But there’s no point in dwelling on the past.
    How about we use it against them?

  61. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    To reiterate?
  62. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    Just ally yourself with the demon lord to make it even!
  63. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    You never say anything useful, do you?
  64. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Goddammit! I failed!
    I was looking for the timing to rebuke Student, but look at what happened.
  65. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    Student, I need to talk to you in person.
    Meet me at the Union’s lobby when your test is over.
  66. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    I’m off to study for the test!
    Good night~☆
  67. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Student, I know you’re going off to bed.
    It’s fine, though…
    No one cares…

    By the by, do the destined or the summoned hero
    have an open thread in NOW?

    Although, guess not…
    They wouldn’t be able to without the Union’s help.

  68. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    But it’s still worth checking.

    Returning to the topic,
    we need to think of how Sage Hero should tackle this.
    What to do?

  69. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Did the summoned hero get some kind of permanent buffs?
    Like the elementary magic buff or some physical enhancements?

    If not, how about asking the Union to send him back forcefully?

  70. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    I think that’d be forcing it too much.
    It was the nation who summoned him here anyway.

    And yes, he received a summoning buff successfully.

  71. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    …It’s a checkmate.
  72. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    One of them is a fake!
    …isn’t an option.

    Both of them are genuine heroes!
    …would be strange, too.
    But they’re both real!
    What to do?

  73. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    This is why I asked the Union to do something about it.

    Adults are unfair.

  74. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Who are you kidding when you’re over 200 years old.
  75. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Anywho, how’s the demon lord faring?
    From Sage’s perspective.
  76. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    Normal, I suppose.
    He has about the same strength as the demon lord that I slew in the past.

    If I’m using the Union’s power charts,
    he should be around level 5.
    As average as he can be.

  77. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
  78. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  79. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    You know what?
    During my times, I had to slay a level 5 demon lord all by myself for some reason or another.
    But look, there are two heroes this time.
    Really, I wonder what they’re expecting from me.
  80. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  81. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
  82. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    Besides, I’ve been leading a life of complete seclusion, doing magic researches day in and day out. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on in the outside world anymore. Did our magic standards stay stagnant over the course of 200 years?

    It’s been two centuries, but why is the demon lord still at the same level, which is not too strong and not too weak, when he revived?

    He gotta do better than that.

  83. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Yeah, but… lol
  84. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Don’t use your standards as the sage of the forest lol
    Rather, you’re lashing at the wrong guy lol
  85. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    If the demon lord was stronger,
    then I could just go and encourage them,
    “The two of you must work together!”

    But he’s level 5, you know?
    How’s that for laugh?

  86. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Actually, you should be relieved that it’s only level 5 at most.
  87. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    That’s… a flag.

    It’s totally a flag.

    This is a flag where Sage will join forces with the demon lord!

  88. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    You mean- Student Hero’s idea-
    He’s really going to use it?!
  89. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    no no

    definitely not
    no way~

  90. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    That’s not for certain.
  91. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)

    ah, welcome back ?

  92. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    What does srsly mean?

    Prince Hero, share the details with us.

  93. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    But, no one wants to side with the demon lord, normally.
    People are gonna hate me for it.

    They already hated me when I was a hero, though…

  94. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Hold it, don’t get depressed about that!
    Forget about the past!
    Prince, hurry and tmm!
  95. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    What does tmm mean here?

    I was looking through the Union’s records earlier.
    Apparently, there were precedents of a single world possessing two heroes at the same time.

  96. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  97. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Again, what does srsly mean?
  98. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    A pair heroes, or so they were called.

    Sage, are there any treasured swords that come as a pair in your world?

  99. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    even if you ask me
    i dunno
  100. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    sage lol
  101. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    sage lol
  102. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    However, it is necessary in order to solve this problem.
  103. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    aren’t you being revered as the sage in Sky Garden?
    With Sage’s world being so advanced in magic,
    can’t you just make those things yourself?
  104. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    ah, i see
    you’re right

    I can use a crimson dragon’s horn and a scarlet demon’s gem to make a peerless fire sword.
    Then, an azure dragon’s horn and a celeste demon’s gem into a peerless ice sword.

    What do you think?

  105. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    My humble self is but a mere employee.
    No idea, it’s all yours.
  106. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I believe that would be wonderful.

    With the twin swords you create, the two heroes will become a pair.

  107. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    A pair… you mean like two, but one set?
    Is that really a thing?
  108. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Still, giving the swords to the heroes won’t change the fact that the demon lord is level 5, right?
    It totally doesn’t balance out.
    What will he do about it?
  109. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    Sage will make another sword
    that rivals the twin swords
    and arrange for the demon lord to obtain it.
  110. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
  111. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  112. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
  113. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I have just obtained the Union’s approval.

    it was their blunder in the first place.
    And it is their fault to
    push the responsibility to Sage.
    I will have them overlook some of the details.
    In fact, I already did.

  114. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
  115. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  116. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Prince Hero…
  117. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    What is it?
  118. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    No, it’s nothing.
  119. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    So I need to make a sword that will rival the other two.

    A raven dragon’s horn and a snow demon’s gem won’t be enough.
    So if I add a jet-black crystal to the materials,
    golden dragon’s scales for a lightning attribute,
    as well as the claws of obsidian beasts and ashen beasts
    to strengthen its dark attribute…


  120. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I entrust all matters about creating the swords to you, Sage.
    As much as I don’t want to admit it, my knowledge in that field isn’t a match for the sage of Sky Garden.

    Ah yes, you need not worry about handing it over to the demon lord.
    I was informed that the Union will handle it for you.

  121. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Prince Hero…
  122. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
  123. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    What is it?
  124. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Err… well,
    Sage, you don’t object to making a sword for the demon lord?
    Wasn’t it your enemy?
  125. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    You mean in present tense, Soldier.
    Whether Sage is a former hero or not,
    the demon lord is threatening the peace of his world.
  126. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    you know
    as long as it works out
    i think it’s fine
  127. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    It’s fine?!
  128. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    It’s fine!
  129. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    I see no problem with that.
  130. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    Then, I’ll try making the three swords.

    Thank you for all of your help!
    The future seems brighter somehow!

  131. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Great job, guys.
    Well, we have Prince to praise for doing most of the work.
    …Although it makes me wonder if what he did is something to be praised.
  132. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    I still have a tinge of concern, but…
    Anyway, good luck.
  133. Retired Hero: Prince (I Das)
    The Union has been informed about this matter.
    Although, feel free to notify me if any problems arise.

    It will be my pleasure if you would show me the swords when they’re finished.
    After all, they will be the opuses of the sage of Sky Garden.
    I wish you good luck in your endeavors.

  134. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    Will do!
  135. Retired Hero: Employee (Parallel World #8)
    Why do I feel that the main issue remains unsolved…
  136. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    Yeah, I have a bad premonition about this.
    Well, what will be will be.

    See ya around.

  137. Retired Hero: Soldier (Grum Empire)
    See you~
  138. Retired Hero: Student (Terran State)
    Everyone’s gone by now, but I have something to report.

    My test is done and over with!
    I managed to draw a big island in the answer column with my drool~☆

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9 thoughts on “Hero Union BBS Chapter 1

    1. Love the manga, good luck with this one.

      The underline is a bit too close to the text so it’s a bit hard to read on mobile.

      Overall, good job though.


  1. 73. Retired Hero: Sage (Sky Garden)
    This is why I asked the Union to do something about it.

    Adults are unfair.

    Is he rebutting himself (72) or is this supposed to be another hero?

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